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We promote exhibition exchanges among China and foreign countries by selling and producing international touring exhibitions in China and by organising Chinese exhibitions around the world.



We tell your stories to the Chinese public and make their experience unique when visiting museums and monuments abroad. We are also your event manager for your PR events or conferences in China.

All of your China projects

We consult for and support international cultural institutions with their China projects and Chinese institutions with their international projects.

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What else we provide?

Exhibition production management

We can manage exhibition production, from requests for loans to transportation coordination for your exhibitions to and from China.

Event management

We can be your event manager for conferences or PR events in China or your China-themed events and festivals.

Business development

We provide market insight on the Chinese cultural and museum sector and can be your business developper by understanding what makes you unique.

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About us

Born in Paris, working internationally. Yu Culture works with museums and cultural institutions on their China-related projects, ranging from exhibitions to public relations. Its founder, Yu Zhang, has worked previously in the event industry and publishing before joining the International Council of Museums (ICOM), where she was head of communications between 2013 and 2016. She founded Yu Culture in the middle of China’s museum boom and since 2016 her international team has been the go-between for China and the rest of the world, delivering exhibitions and providing consultation for cultural institutions around the world including the Chinese Museums Association (China), Tianyu Cultural Group (China), Shanghai History Museum (China), the Smithsonian Institution (US), the Cultural for Causes Network (France) and Universcience (France).

Latest news

“Working with China” interview series – Pat Rodewald

I met Pat several years ago at the National Museum of China while I was with the ICOM-ITC group trying out the museum’s education activities. I immediately wondered what a foreigner was doing at a national museum in China. It turned out that she was a museum educator-in-residence. We were later connected by a colleague […]

Exhibition exchanges with Chinese museums

Yu Culture attended the annual meeting on 22 November 2018 organised by Art Exhibitions China, a government agency in charge of organising exhibition exchanges both in China and abroad. It also serves as the liaison of ICOM ICEE in China. The meeting was attended by museum directors and head of exhibitions of major museums in […]

The use of WeChat and other social media by Chinese museums

Yu Zhang attended the ICOM ICEE / ICFA annual conference in Madrid on 13 November and presented about how Chinese museums make use of WeChat and other social media to engage with the audience. She noted that China’s alternate internet has evolved from copycats to super apps such as WeChat, the digital Swiss Army knife, […]

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