Our partners

Chinese Museums Association

Created in 1982, the Chinese Museums Association is a not-for-profit NGO representing the interests of Chinese museums and museum professionals. Operating under the auspices of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) of Ministry of Culture, it shares the same secretariat as National Committee of the International Council of Museums. Its regular activities include training, conferences and publications dedicated to museums.

Yu Culture works with the Chinese Museums Association on international projects and aims to create international links for the organisation.

Chinese Museums Association Exhibition Exchange Platform

The Chinese Museums Association launched its platform dedicated to exhibition exchanges (www.chinamuseum.com) in 2016 both to offer international touring exhibitions to Chinese museums and to promote Chinese exhibitions for exhibition tours abroad.

Yu Zhang, and later Yu Culture, joined the project at its early stages, consulting on the communications strategy and managing its international relations. Currently, 100+ international touring exhibitions are now featured on the platform (online and offline) and a 360˚ communication channel has been established to reach out to an international audience.

Tianyu Cultural Group

As the only company in China providing specialised full-range services to museums, Tianyu Cultural Group is dedicated to the professional management of Chinese museums. It provides services ranging from museum planning and the production of permanent exhibitions to the daily maintenance of museums. Since its creation in 2003, Tianyu has delivered premium services to more than one hundred museums in China, including the National Museum, the Palace Museum, the Capital Museum and the Summer Palace, and works alongside museums all over China on various projects encompassing exhibition curatorship, design, production, merchandising, education programmes, PR and more.

Tianyu is Yu Culture’s privileged partner in China. The two are currently working on the production of several exhibitions in China.


Expomus is a Brazilian private company dedicated to cultural projects for over 36 years. Created in 1981 and based in Sao Paulo, Expomus carries out projects of museological nature, in the cultural, scientific, technological and environmental areas. Their main partners and clients include national and international museums and cultural institutions, private and corporate collectors, as well as public agencies at the city, state and federal level.

Both Yu Culture and Expomus are interested developing cultural projects bridging China and Brazil. In May 2017, together with Tianyu Cultural Group, the three companies signed a letter of cooperation and have since been working jointly on exhibition projects benefiting both countries.

Reyfeng Institution

Reyfeng Institution is a non-for-profit oragnisation created by Yankey Culture France in China. It is dedicated to maintain multilateral exchanges among government authorities, cultural institutions such as museums and galleries, academic institutions such as universities and think tanks, as well as multinational companies. It aims at bringing Chinese culture abroad within the framework of Chin'art Global and its activities include: exhibition organisation, cross cultural studies and charity work to benefit the society.

Yu Culture has worked with Yankey Culture France for the organisation of China Week at Paris 16th Arrondissement in 2016 and has contributed to a China-themed cultural programme in Marseille (France) in 2017 organised by Reyfeng Institution. Yu Culture will continue its partnership with Reyfeng Institution to promote Chinese culture internationally.