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A favourable cultural policy in China and Chinese museums’ increasing demande for international expertise…

There are currently more than 4,500 museums in China, organising some 20,000 exhibitions every year. The development of museums in China has gained momentum over the last decade thanks to the favourable cultural policies implemented by the government: some 300 new museums are opened every year in China. We are pleased to accompany Chinese museums during this “museum boom” with our international expertise and in areas most in need such as exhibition development, education programmes, PR and marketing.

… met with enthusiasm to work with Chinese museums and a lack of information and insight into the market.

Meanwhile, the world is eager to work with China. Touring exhibitions to and from China so far seem to be the best way to make initial contact. But the international community is often faced with language and cultural barriers that may hinder a project or even endanger a partnership.

Yu Culture was created with an aim to establish dialogues between the East and the West, to implement joint projects and to pursue long-term partnerships.